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WIFI: The backbone of an event

High data usage social media apps, ecommerce tools, event logistics communication ALL require smooth running WIFI connectivity.

To further understand the importance of having fast and reliable connectivity, think about the last major event you attended or worked at. We’re certain that you may have wanted to purchase an item and needed to use your debit or credit card; many of these ecommerce tools require WIFI to complete these on-site transactions. We also live in a world where attendees want to be able to post to social media, access up to the minute event information and find friends, all wanting to use free available WIFI.

Connectivity is no longer seen as a luxury extra for events but a necessity.

Supernova Technologies provides connectivity solutions which can be build and dissembled easily at events of any scale ensuring that WIFI connectivity is no longer a frustration and headache to event organizers and attendees. #poweredbySupernova

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