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Our Services

Cyber Security

The importance of risk management in any business cannot be ignored. Supernova offers consultancy, product, services and the required training to protect your business from evolving and imminent cyber attacks.

  • Gap Analysis and Threat Scanning

  • Penetration Testing

  • Email Security

  • Unified API Security

  • Multi-factor Authentication

  • Awareness and Training

  • Phishing Management and Reporting 

Website and Mobile Application Development

Building a website is crucial to the identity and visibility of an organisation. With the onset of a digital world, many entrepreneurs and corporations are focusing on building ideas into tangible products; Supernova Technologies focuses on digital product development extending from informative websites, to e-commerce platforms and mobile applications with IOS, PHP and Android development expertise. Our team places effort in offering seamless user experiences through a rigid design, deploy and testing process.

  • Website and Mobile Application Design - UI/UX

  • Content Management

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Web Analytics

  • Mobile Application Design

  • End User Testing

Smart Building Technology

In today's world, technology-centric buildings allow offices to be channelled into environments which foster organizational growth all the while reducing environmental impact and allowing more secure and faster working. Supernova engineers, procures and installs the right hardware and software related to safety, automation and functional controls.

  • Access controls

  • CCTV

  • Flood detection

  • HVAC controls

  • Automation of lights and smart building features


As a cornerstone of a business, its network is vital for file sharing and centralized data storage, improved collaboration, data security, back up and recovery whilst allowing a functional remote work environment if considered. 

  • Switches

  • Structured Cabling


  • VPN

  • Firewalls

Software Development and Deployment 

Software plays a vital role in the functioning of any enterprise, allowing automation, cost savings and data management and analysis. Supernova works closely with clients to ensure that software being implemented in your business are appropriate to deliver on the specific requirements and to provide adequate training to staff to maximize productivity. This includes bespoke software or out-of-the-box solutions.

  • Software design, development and testing.

  • Software matchmaking - Enterprise Resource Planning Software, Human Resource Management Software, System Softwares, Utility Softwares and Application Softwares.


Selection of the right hardware is integral for the performance of a business; whether its from a computing, printing or storage stand point - the devices utilized can enable efficiency of operations drastically. Supernova is authorized to supply a wide range of cutting edge products and reputable brand and will work closely to assess your company's needs.

  • Computers

  • Servers

  • Printers/Scanners

  • Projectors

  • Audio/Visual Equipment

  • Tablets

Data Services

Provision of secure, reliable, and scalable hosting solutions for your company's infrastructure is crucial to file sharing, safety and redundancy for any business. Supernova Technologies provides solutions ranging from racks to data centres.

  • Design, implementation and certification.

Manned IT Support Services

To support your business ICT needs, outsourced ICT support may present the needed assistance at an affordable cost for the required expertise. Supernova provides outsourcing for projects as well as specialized servicing that can be catered to your company's needs.

  • IT hot-desk service

  • installation of hardware

  • configuration of software

  • email set up and hosting

Digital Marketing

Building a brand identity and establishing vital digital marketing assets will set your company on track for a consumer-focused look, feel, and brand identity. Supernova's creative team is keen on working with you to pivot your brand with cutting edge design and innovative marketing strategies.

  • Branding 

  • Content Creation

  • Social Media Management

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